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SahraRuns short gameplay trailer

Sahra runs all the time.. it's healthy:)

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SahraRuns is a fun endless runner mixed with a beautiful little 3D-world, which can be explored.

In the endless-runner-level you can hone your reaction time and win access to different clothing.

In the Sahra-level, which is a 3D-World, you can change your obtained clothes, solve some puzzles, swim and dive and freely walk around or just enjoy the nice scenery

You can play an adventurer (Sahra) who explores hidden temples and mystical pyramids. It's even possible to climb a pyramid.

The game is is located in a fictitious desert with an oasis.

There are different difficulties for the endless runner such as beginner, normal, speed and night mode. And a little 3D-platforming mini-game is in the Sahra-level.

In the beginning it might seem easy but it will get more and more difficult because Sahra gets faster and faster.

You can encounter friendly mummy-like-people the muman and not so friendly ones.

The goal in the endless runner is to obtain as many points and coins as you can.

The game is free and ad free. You can make in-app purchases in two stores in the Sahra-level. It's possible to buy some nice clothing or helpful items.

Everything you see and hear (meshes, textures, sounds and all characters) is made by myself with a lot of work, passion and devotion and also lot of fun. I hope you have fun too.

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